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AM3 ACES is a component of our layered security approach and design for the AM3 Cloud Service. It promotes safer web browsing, reduces the likelihood of identity theft and minimizes the proliferation of malware.

We encourage all of our clients to use this service as they will have a much better online experience.

Web content Filtering
Security incidents happen frequently from folks "pulling down" malicious content and programs from the Internet. AM3 ACES provides Web filtering controls and permits or denies up to 50 different categories of websites.  You can prevent access to gambling or adult, for example, or many others that you would like to choose or configure. It's also possible to deny e-mail traffic to particular domains. You can filter domains that contain malware, pornography, adware, or other undesirable content.

Phishing Protection
Anti-Phishing prevention is included.

Umm... what is phishing, you ask? Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information (think your identity) such as usernames, passwords, account and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Malware Protection
ACES alerts you when it detects certain botnets like Conficker and stops trojans, key loggers, and other persistent malware and viruses from sending out confidential data and personal information to hackers outside the firewall.

ACES is a cloud-based solution so reliability and redundancy are built-in from the ground up.

White & Black Lists
ACES provides whitelist and blacklist features to enable you to create exception cases (“always allow” and “always block”) to complement category-based filtering.

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