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AM3 Books, White Papers and Presentations
AM3 Publications
Cloud Computing and Virtualization  -- Advanced Architecture Guide Coming Soon
Scripting VMware Power Tools published 2006. 
Virtualization with VMware ESX Server published 2005.  The first book ever written on VMware ESX Server.

Virtualization White Papers
-10 Management Best Practices  -- Recently Published!! -- Al Muller
Anyone beginning or in the middle of a virtualization initiative should read this white paper as it offers some key considerations and best practices to adhere to. 
--10 Green Savings -- Neil Podvin & Al Muller
We're defining 'Green' here in terms both of environment-friendly and bottom line sensitive.  We explore how the virtualization solution can provide every IT shop looking to save money but still provide scalability while growing their own sustainable Green IT initiative.
-esXpress Solution Advantage -- Al Muller
Virtual PHD's esXpress soultion is this paper's topics and four reference architectures are provided for both the Enterprise and the SMB space.
--10 Administration Musts -- coming soon!
--10 Business Drivers-- coming soon!

Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure Design Overview
Interviews and Quotes
Multi-Core Issue -- Network World  -- Al Muller
esXpress -- Virtual Strategy -- Al Muller
Virtualization Primer -- Baseline -- Al Muller
Host Update Utility  


Tips and Tricks  
VIC Passthrough Authentication To utilize AD passthrough authentication when opening the VIC 2.5 you need to do the following:
1. Create a shortcut for the VIC 
2. add -passthroughAuth -s vchostname to the end of the shortcut
"C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\VpxClient.exe"  -passthroughAuth -s vc01








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