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IT infrastructures are too complex and fragile for the speed and evolution of business today. 70% of IT expenses focus on management and maintenance, leaving scant resources for innovation. With users demanding faster response times and management mandating lower costs, IT needs a better strategy. AM3 nCase cloud computing offers a new model IT as a Service model which eases complexity by utilizing efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed cloud infrastructure, consumed as a service.

AM3 nCase Benefits
-- nCAse provides you a private network and cloud computers that are customized based on your needs. You have complete control over your computing environment, including
all of your applications and data secured in the nCase environment, remote access from anywhere at anytime, and your own IP addressing.

Typical uses include business which run applications such as:

  — Financial Software — Tax Preparation Software
  — Real Estate Software
     (iPad MLS Access)

— Electronic Medical Records

  — Web Services — Exchange or Zimbra
  — Accounting Software

— MS SQL and Active Directory

Any applications or software package that commonly runs on a Windows or Linux operating system operates perfectly in the nCase environment.

Want to migrate to Windows 7 but still need Windows XP applications?  For nCase, this is a typical configuration for our small and medium-sized clients.
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