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vHQ is the complete Small Business Cloud Computing solution!


AM3 vHQ  gives you computing piece-of-mind providing you Anytime access with Any device from just about Anywhere with performance and security to handle your data and applications. vHQ is your office in the cloud!

AM3 Cloud Computing provides new or existing small businesses
Virtual Headquarters (vHQ)

  • 3 Cloud Desktops
  • 1 Cloud Server
  • 3 Polycom VOIP Telephones
  • 2000 Nationwide Minutes
  • Nightly Backups
  • 3 Exchange 2010 Hosted Email Accounts
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
  • Normally $632.00/month
  • New Client Price $550.00/month


  • Flexibility: vHQ gives businesses a flexibility that is un matched in a physical computing environment, allowing organizations to add and remove resources as needed.
  • Access: Access to vHQ is available anywhere in the world via the Internet. This gives businesses the flexibility to work outside the office. Workers are now free to work from home, on the road, and even overseas with all of the tools they need: Applications and Communication.
  • Reliability: vHQ provides 99.9% uptime, which is a level of redundancy unmatched in a physical computing environment. Nightly back-ups are included for added assurance.
  • Affordability -- AM3 vHQ stabilizes IT costs and provides an affordable and managed IT service.

What is Cloud Computing?


 Imagine being able to have a computer in minutes or upgrade a server automatically. This is the idea behind Cloud Computing. Each Cloud Computer is totally customizable and gives you full access to many Windows and Linux operating systems.

The AM3 Cloud Computing offering provides a standardized platform for businesses to run their desktops and servers, provide access to their applications and data, and do it from anywhere in the world.

This is the model for the next generation of computing. You pay only for the computing resources that you use and never need to purchase any expensive computer hardware. EVER!

• Run your business applications, such as Quickbooks
and Office to MSSQL and Oracle – no problem. Multi-
tiered applications are easily accommodated.

• We can hold as little as 5MB of data to 20TB or greater,
if needed.
Our clients benefit from AM3’s more than 9 years of experience with Cloud technologies.

How does AM3 differ from other Cloud Computing providers?

AM3 caters to small businesses that require a personal touch. We customize our services to match each client's individual requirements.

AM3 bills on a flat monthly fee, which provides a predictable monthly cost. There is no guessing what the cost will be.

AM3 provides Cloud Desktops, which allows businesses to run any Windows or Linux based application.



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