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VoIP Summary
Voice over IP (or VoIP) telephony is rapidly capturing a major portion of new
voice telephone business. VoIP has a number of advantages over traditional voice
services (TDM), including the ability to route voice traffic over the same circuits used
for enterprise data communications — dynamically allocating available capacity and
adding a wide range of new calling features and capabilities that would be expensive
or impossible to implement on legacy telephone networks.

Session Initiation Protocol (or SIP) is the primary mechanism used for communication
within VoIP devices and networks. AM3 CloudComm provides SIP trunks from the cloud and
offers a connection between a customer’s devices and their network to the cloud, allowing
significant cost savings and business process improvements by supporting the native
protocol (SIP) that controls the customer’s VoIP systems. SIP trunks offer benefits in
three significant areas:
    • Cost savings arising from many factors including reduced telecommunications network charges and streamlined operations...usually 30-40% savings.
    • Unified communications, where voice, video, email, text and other messaging technologies are combined to provide greater flexibility for users by enabling new ways to transfer information and manage connectivity.
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, where the right physical configuration in conjunction with intelligence in the network can be leveraged to provide uninterrupted communications and alternative means to stay connected for employees in the event of system bottlenecks or failures. AM3 provides recommended network designs for free.

Through the use of direct SIP trunk connections to carriers, businesses can capture
these benefits by ensuring that the advanced features supported by VoIP systems are
not blocked at the enterprise/carrier interface. Services like the AM3 CloudComm SIP Trunking
offering allow the benefits of SIP technology to extend beyond the borders of the
enterprise to enable a rich set of features for flexible, reliable communications across
a range of technologies and media.

Contrary to popular belief, upgrading an existing voice network to take advantage of
SIP trunking technology does not require wholesale replacement of existing
equipment. In many cases, existing PBX equipment already supports or can be
upgraded in-place to provide SIP capabilities. In other cases, adapters can be deployed
to enable older equipment to interface with SIP-based networks.
Considering the potential for cost savings, the improved business practices, and the
choices that exist for upgrading an existing voice network, SIP trunking is certainly
worthy of a closer look by  small businesses as well as CIOs and telecommunications managers.

Sign up for AM3 CloudComm today and begin taking advantage of VoIP now!

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